How to Create a TED-Worthy Presentation

Came across this video today where TED Curator, Chris Anderson, shares the secret to forming and spreading great ideas. Whether you hope to speak at TED someday or not, take eight minutes to watch the video and then spend a little more time thinking about how you present and talk about the ideas that are important to you.

TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking



What Is a “Stand-up” and Why Do We Do It?

LINK: Guide to Agile Practices: Daily Meeting

standup-modell1I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to explain what a “stand-up” meeting is. I usually handle this question off-the-cuff, explaining that the meeting is daily, time-boxed (time-limited) to 15 minutes and usually includes each team member answering the Three Questions.

Today we had a high school senior job shadowing several of the IT folks and I was tasked with showing him the stand-up meeting used by many of our development teams. I wanted him to have a take-away from the meeting to help him remember the “what” and “why” of our stand-ups, so I turned to the Internet. I came across this fantastic definition of  the stand-up meeting (or “Daily Meeting” as they refer to it) from the Agile Alliance.

Leaders Building Leaders Conference

Union College Division of Business hosted a great conference today called Leaders Building Leaders Conference during the college’s alumni weekend. I was fortunate to present an Agile form Managers topic during the conference. I’ve attached my slides here and will try to get some notes from other sessions I’ve attended posted here shortly.

Agile Intro – Managers slides.

Three lessons for designing for the whole world: Margaret Gould Stewart at TED2014

I realize that some find Facebook’s design sense to be…well, nonsense, but Ms. Stewart’s lessons carry good advice to anyone building applications, especially those used by large, diverse groups.

TED Blog

Margaret Gould Stewart. Photo: James Duncan Davidson Margaret Gould Stewart. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

“What do you think of when I say the word design?” Margaret Gould Stewart, director of product design at Facebook, is here to talk about the kind of design that you normally don’t think about — the design of digital systems that are used by billions of people each day.

As examples, Steward reminds the audience that Google handles 1 billion searches per day. People upload to YouTube more in a single day than all of the US television networks broadcast in the last 5 years combined. Facebook transmits the photos, messages and stories of over 1.23 billion people, or about 1/6 of humanity.

“What’s really hard at designing at scale,” she says, “is that it requires a bizarre combination of two things, audacity and humility.” Audacity to believe that what you’re doing is important, and humility because it’s not about the designer’s portfolio…

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To-Do Philosophy by Marissa Mayer

Those who know me know that I’m a list maker. Whether it’s a grocery list, scrum backlog (list of project requirements), vacation packing list or a chore list for the kids, I rely on lists to keep track of what needs to be done. I know that prioritizing the list is important too, so I stay focused on the important items first. Still, I’m always beating myself up for what I don’t get done on my to-do lists. Mayer’s suggestion that there is an extent to which we should be proud of what we don’t get done is interesting and something I will have to keep in perspective going forward.

Marissa Mayer on Why Having To-Dos Is Better Than Finishing Them